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OBJECTIVE Our main objective is to procure and produce educative, informative and entertaining Afrocentric Programs for children within the ages of 0-14 years.  Our aim is to provide world-class, international standard Afrocentric content varying between animation and real-life drama. These shows primarily portray beautiful and well-made creations of Nubian and urbane excellence. They will be […]

Basketball Africa League (BAL)

LIVE exclusively on Awatv. Showing on the National Digital Free to Air Platform, Channel 749. COMING SOON! Total Page Visits: 725 – Today Page Visits: 4


MADHUBALA is a movie series that tell a story of a young girl in a city Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon (Translation: Madhubala – A love, a passion) is an Indian television series. Synopsis Madhubala revolves around a middle-class girl, Madhubala Malik, who was born on a film set and destined to become a […]


Designers creatively express their horizon in bringing out their best  to every outfits for every occasion for every personalities, sharing  every steps and chosen colour depth. SEGMENTS: D’DESIGNER:  We go deep into the grass root of materials,  from cut to pieces… exploring the conceptual ideas and imaginative sequence of  what makes the designer decide that […]


Nicknamed the father of Congolese rumba, Papa Wemba, the heir to Elvis, Fela and Tabu Ley, became a legend despite himself. This vibrant documentary traces the history of an iconic, trailblazing and intergenerational artist. Total Page Visits: 725 – Today Page Visits: 4


Afrobeat music is everywhere. Even industry big names are getting in on it–Drake, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Jidenna… So you may be wondering, what exactly is Afrobeat? Where does it come from? And most importantly, what does this new wave of sound mean for the future of the music industry? For answers to all of […]

Crazy, Lovely, Cool

CRAZY, LOVELY, COOL A coming-of-age TV series that takes a fond look at the lives, joys and struggles of a group of charismatic students whose paths cross on the campus of Nigeria’s largest university, via the shocking revelations of the school’s gossip blog. Hip, trendy, fast-paced and steeped in music, the series takes us deep […]

Incredible Crew

Incredible Crew is a sketch comedy series from producer and entertainer Nick Cannon.

Dead Gorgeous

Follow the adventure of three beautiful, strong-willed teenage sisters- who just happen to be ghosts. Having died in 1861 and granted a second shot at life, the sisters return years later to find their grand house has been turned into a private boarding school. Unable to reveal their secret, the sisters are forced to fit […]

Aesop’s Fable Theater

Aesop’s Fables are some of the oldest and best-known stories in the world. Lovingly brought to life in this beautifully animated series, Aesop is a friendly Wolf who writes and directs plays for a traveling theatre group.

Year Of’s

The lives of international artists are marked with successes, failures…and rumours. The Year Of reviews the most important moments in a given artist’s year. This magazine embarks the public on a journey to rediscover the stars from another angle (American stars, African stars).

Top 10 Africa

Top ten Africa is a musical video Countdown across the continent of Africa showcasing the latest top rated videos of African Musicians from number 10 to number 1 with a spice of Gist Column  Artistry Vibes and Tear Rubber SEGMENTS: COUNTDOWN:  Musical videos breakdown as they are rated in popular charts across Africa, their acceptance, […]

Straight from the heart

Straight from the heart brings to you issues of the heart written to us from people all over the state so that it could be acted out and have our viewers watch and comment on what next should be done. it is fun and advisory. Total Page Visits: 725 – Today Page Visits: 4

Cup of questions

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Please forgive me

When there is conflict and a reunion is sought, a guilt and a relieve is needed or a bother on long time quarrels and a gladiator strong enough to want to reach out and plead for forgiveness steps forth, please forgive me is always there to help out. Please forgive me is an emotainment program, […]

AWA Sport

As we all know, the general language that is mostly understood by everyone irrespective of tribe or religion is Sport. Sport is a generally accepted way of connecting different part of the World together. INTRODUCING  AWA SPORT AWA SPORT  will be an audience participatory, 30 minutes tv programme that cut across all spheres of Sports […]


YOUNG ASPIRING GREAT INDIVIDUALS An infotainment  conventional talk show on various personal and  topical issues  that influence today’s youth on  basic guide  and giving out the best of their knowledge to every challenges and solution in every ramification on youth orientation lifestyles Segments: Daily Topic and Introduction 3 minutes Topic Engagement :  A look into […]

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